Ottawa Code Camp
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Directions to get to Algonquin College is an overview of the Algonquin campus at Woodroffe.

Saturdays have free and pay parking lots. To get to the FREE PARKING,
  • Enter campus from Woodroffe onto Navahoe Drive
  • Turn right at traffic light into campus
  • The RED, GREEN and ORANGE parking lots are free (Do NOT park at meters)
  • Parking lots are beside buildings N and D

Directions to get to Code Camp rooms

Get directions from Mapquest.
The Code Camp is being held on the first floor of Building T.

The map, shown below, is a part of the Algonquin College campus. It shows:
  • (Top of the map is North)
  • The free RED parking lots beside buildings N and D.
  • Building T is at the bottom of the map.
  • The code camp is on the first floor in the south-west corner of Building T.
  • The top left corner is Navahoe Drive (off Woodroffe and Baseline)

User Groups
Ottawa .NET Community
Ottawa Windows Server User Group
Professional Association for SQL Server
The Open Web Application Security Project